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Washing Machine Service in Chennai

A washing machine is a home appliance used to wash our daily wear. Washing machines are the ones that save time and make us feel fresh. It's quite expensive but worth for long life.

The washing machine is a very important home appliance in day-to-day life. Machine with many features and everyone is worth there are many types of machines available in front load, top load, and semi-automatic, fully automatic. All are good at quality, and each pay makes worth.
The washing machine can cause a problem with the timer, hose tube, dryer, and spin tub. Causes always caused we have to ready to rectify with expert technicians. We are here with you.

Our Concern to you :

1. Why we require service for washing machines?
Daily wear is how much important like that protection to our appliances is very important. So, we need to protect and care in Eco- friendly.

2. Why is it essential?
In modern life, the washing machine becomes the most important gadget in our life. If you don't check your appliance usually, they may cause enormous problems and also may lead to replacing the machine. Hence, it's better to be serviced once in a month or six months once. Irregular services may lead to many problems, so be aware and give importance to your loved appliance.

Best Washing Machine Service in Chennai

Save Home Services offers the following
• Well-experienced Technicians.
• 30 Days warranty after service
• Most reasonable prices in the market.
• Moderate and Competing Inspection charge

On booking a Washing Machine service with Save Home Services, you get a secured quality of service and hope from us. Our masterpiece is providing support even after service.

Why does Save Home Services rank as Best Washing Machine Service in Chennai?

All Washing Machine Technicians cannot solve problems in all Machine Models and brands because, in the market, you will find service person experienced only with a few Washing Machine Brands or Models. But in Save Home Services based on the Model / Brand, we will appoint a technician for the service to your doorstep. We have Washing Machine professionals to fix all Brands and Models.

The model we work

• Front-load Machine
• Top-load Machine
• Automatic and Semi-automatic Machine

We work with most trending brands few are listed below.

• IFB - Indian Fine Blanks Limited
• Samsung
• LG
• Whirlpool
• Bosch and others.

Issues in Washing Machine

• Notice too much wavering while operating your washing machine.
• When you notify leakage in the machine
• When you feel a burnt smell while the machine is in operation just switch-off the machine
• When the machine gets jammed suddenly
• Improper functioning of the timer.
• The draining pipe becomes jammed repeatedly
• Electric shock while on touching the switches
• Reformer connected with motor is facing cycling problems leading to improper washing
• Other problems like the machine are not spinning, and you get too much noise while operating, water is not getting drained, water overflows.

Keys for Maintaining Washing Machine:

Clothes need clean as well as your machine needed.
How to clean your washing machine?
• To avoid bad odor, we have to remove the clothes after the wash as soon and keep the door open to dry.
• Using of soggy clothes will clean the outside of your washing machine
• Clean the inlet tube filters when they close up.

Safety Measures:

• Deep Cleaning
• Clean the rubber gasket
• Protect the machine
• Choose the Right detergent
• Clean the filter

Save Home Services - Solution to your problem

People who already used to wash their clothes in hand now can't do that again after using the washing machine for a long time. That is where people realized the real importance of washing machines. So we are here to solve your problem. Our services/repair make you feel like a kind and trusted.

Special Proposal for you -TERMS

• Avail 30 Days warranty for service
• Best price guaranteed
• If you are availing the service, then the Inspection charge is free

Pays and Charges:

• Service charge includes labor charges + spare parts (or) consumable charges (or) both. • For customers paying Online Mode: No additional charges will get collected up to Rupees 2000/-, in case the customer pays more than Rupees 2000 online, then they should pay 2% + GST additionally charged for the Payment gateway fee.

Trust and compliments from us :

We collected trust and the best quality of service from our technicians, Shining like a star in the market with cool prices. We have a list of achievements to know we the best. From us,
• On-time services
• Best Quality Service
• After service Warranty
• Best Pricing

Our achievements :

• 15-Years of Service
• 8000 Happy Customers
• 20000 Appliances Serviced
• 50-Experienced Technicians

Hiring Refrigerator Service expert in Chennai

Share your needs, and we will take care of the rest on this website. Our advisors evaluate your needs and approach the consultants who best match your needs. Get calls, SMS updates from the nearest best washing machine repair experts. Check user reviews and ratings for more insight into what the expert is to expecting.

Speak about your expectations and book an expert on the date and time you want.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Washing Machine service cost in Save Home Services?
Our service cost is very low and the best in the market. The inspection charge is only 149/- rupees per visit.

2. Is online payment available?
Online payment is available. In case the customer pays more than Rupees 2000/-, they should pay 2% + GST additionally charged with the payment gateway fee.

3. Do you provide a warranty?
Yes, we have a warranty for 30 days.

4. Do we have a customer helpline?
Feel free to help and Reach us
9941743946 - Save Home Services Centre
Stay safe, Stay connected!

Extra Appliance Services by Save Home Services

We have more and more other appliances services and not stopped with good wear. It continues by making your food hotter and delicious, making your Popsicle super cool, and making your house like chill. Here we are with• Refrigerator Service
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Save Home Services

All kinds of Appliance Brands and recent models with expert technicians we have and our care make you feel breathe. Again the cause is caused until you find a solution. So put your requirement in our hands sure we return the best to you. Causes are caused until we rectify join with us. Get ready for your washing machine today.

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We come to your place and attend the service on the same day.

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With our Skilled Technicians we always aim to provide a Good Quality Service.

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Our Service Charge is very nominal comparative to the market.

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