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Smart LED LCD TV Service in Chennai

Television is one of the best entertainers in our life. So, we have to protect them and repair them at the right time.

LED / LCD TV - Together forever.. Entertainment by switching On and make your days a little enthusiasm and cherish. Magical and real view forever!! Expensive product and each pay are worth it. A routine hard worker needs some checkups like repairs/ services at least once in a month. So, reach your Save Home Services in Chennai and book your technicians.

The problem you Face with LED/LCD TV :

A sudden problem like a blank screen, horizontal line start-up, interrupted images, picture blurred, edge-lit, back-lit, and not connecting with WiFi. The huge problem is there behind the screen, don't worry, our scintillator is nearby you. Our Save Home Services has an immeasurable solution for your appliance problem by solving your expectations and needs. Make a call and our technicians knock your door

Major Thinks to share with you:

Have you ever thought about the difference and why it original and placing a realistic view answer from us. A LED TV has an LCD console to control the illumination were to exhibit on the monitor. The panel has two material with a liquid crystal solution.
Both are LCD hi-tech, the difference is LCD uses a cool negative charged fluorescent to give light and LED use the pattern of low dynamic light to transmit the diode.

Most conventional LED / LCD TV Service in Chennai

Service offers for you people from us,
• Well-experienced Technicians.
• 30 days of warranty even after service
• Finest price in the market.
. Competitive Inspection charge!
On booking LED / LCD TV service with Save Home Services, you get assured of trust and quality service from us all the time.
You know our specialty is what Our masterpiece is providing support even after service.

Why does Save Home Services rank as Best LED / LCD TV Service in Chennai?

Regarding setting your LED/LCD TV set, you need simply the best specialist taking a turn at your TV. An inexperienced TV specialist probably won't have the essential skills to fix your LED/LCD TV. While trying to fix your TV, they might even be the reason for more trouble. At Save Home Services, we give equipped specialists. Our LED/LCD TV service costs are competitive, and we provide a 30 days guarantee.
Our Inspection charge is very less, which makes the customers check once whether the TV can be serviced and continued in use or to get a new one.
Our expert can make solve all kinds of problems met in LED/LCD TVs.
We have LED / LCD TV specialists to fix all Brands and Models. Always be an agmark quality from us.

Special Proposal for you – Terms

• Avail 30 Days warranty for service
• Best price guaranteed
• If you are availing the service, then the Inspection charge is free
• Service charge includes labor charges + spare parts (or) consumable charges (or) both.


• For customers paying Online Mode: No additional charges will get collected up to Rupees 2000/-, in case the customer pays more than Rupees 2000 in online, then they should pay 2% + GST additionally charged with the Payment gateway fee.

LED / LCD TV Brands we work with

Brands we working on
• Micromax
• Samsung
• Sony
• LG
• Videocon and others.

Keys for Maintaining LCD / LED TV

• Customize your TV brightness

To protect your eyes and reduces the lifespan of your TV. It is mandatory to adjust the brightness of your TV. Use a maximum level of brightness.

• Change the Contrast

By this, you can save power, and as well as it is good for us. Changing and maintaining the contrast ratio is important for picture quality.

• Utilize a microfiber material

For wiping LCD/LED TV, you can use a microfiber cloth for prevention, and it is available in any hardware store. Use of it and make it has dust-free.

• Be careful with the scalding liquid

Use the proper liquid for cleaning(scalding) the monitor (Screen), and its necessary. Clean work makes a perfect view.

Trust and compliments from us :

Trust, and quality base Services forever let us provide some compliments for you.
• On-time services
• Best Quality Service
• After service Warranty
• Best Pricing

Our achievements :

• Shining like a star with 15-Years of Service by 8000 Satisfied Customers. Serviced more than 20000 appliances and 50-Experienced Specialists. Wondering achievement initializes a good tie-up with you.

Engaging Smart LCD/LED TV Service expert in Chennai

Share your requirements, and we will take charge of the rest on this website. Our advisors appraise your needs and approach the consultants who best match your needs. Get calls, SMS updates from the nearest the best TV repair experts. Check user reviews and ratings for more insight into what the expert is too expecting.

Speak about your expectations plus problems and book an expert on the date and time you want. Get your LCD/LED TV by today.

Frequently asked questions :

1. What is the LCD / LED Tv service cost in Save Home Services?
Our service cost is very low in the market. Our inspection charge is only 149/- rupees per visit.
2. Is online payment available?
• Online payment is available. In case the customer pays more than Rupees 2000 online, they should pay 2% + GST additionally charged with the Payment gateway fee.
3. Do you provide a warranty?
Yes, we have a warranty for 30 days.
4. Do we have a customer helpline?
Feel free to help and Reach us
9941743946 - Save Home Services
Stay safe, Stay connected!

Service your Appliance at the Right place:

Save Home Services - Problem may be caused, but have a solution with you. It will be easy to rectify and identify the causes.
Do people confuse which is the right place and its trusted one? Queries will be raised until we find the right one - Save Home Services in Chennai
The Right Place to Solve Your Problem.

Other Appliance Services by Save Home Services

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Save Home Services

All kinds of Appliance Brands and recent models with expert technicians we have and our care make you feel breathe. Again the cause is caused until you find a solution. So put your requirement in our hands sure we return the best to you.

Infinity problem one solution, Book, and took up the Right one! - Save Home Services

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Skilled Technicians

Our Technicians are well experienced which makes us to stand Ahead of Competitors.

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We come to your place and attend the service on the same day.

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With our Skilled Technicians we always aim to provide a Good Quality Service.

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Our Service Charge is very nominal comparative to the market.

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