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Microwave Oven Service in Chennai

Microwave Oven Service in Chennai :

A Microwave Oven make your food delicious and hot. Enjoy every moment with tasty foods and bake your cake, preparing continental foods with your supercool oven.

Our services make you feel happy, and we will give our best. Our service provides you the best care for your appliances. Our vision is to provide trust, and you will feel that after our work.

Our concern to you :

Why Services / Repairs are essential?

It's essential for our appliances. We, people, need health care and routine checkups likewise our appliance too needed. The appliance is the routine hard worker for our day-to-day life; without them, we are nothing service them on time with the right technicians.

Why we need Microwave Oven Services?

To protect our Microwave Oven and have to expand its lifespan, we need services monthly once. Cooking delicious and enjoying the food is not enough; we have to service them monthly once.

Here we give some Ideas to do by Yourself.

Microwave Oven Cleaning by Yourself!

• Add vinegar (4 tablespoons) to a bowl filled with water (half a liter).
• To check the boiling, add Toothpick over it.
• For 5 minutes, microwave the bowl.
• Let the bowl be for about 5 minutes in the oven.
• Using sponge wipe the oven.

Maintain your microwave clean and healthy. Serve your food with fresh. It will also help your microwave run more effectively, and it expands the lifespan.

Smart Ideas For Your Microwave Oven

Use the following maintenance tips!

• To avoid splatters and spill use the plastic microwave food cover for easy clean and Time-saving.
• For easy cleaning, when you cook something for a long boil, make a cover over the top of the bowl and place a plate under the bowl.
• To avoid spills and splatters - wipe the oven when it is still warm for making the cleaning easy. If the spills or splatters dry, use the steam cleaning.
Smart work makes your work as perfect.

Prevent Microwave Oven Door

Handling methods

Microwave doors are significant problems because we pull and pushing anytime, so handle with care. Closing and opening the door can raise the damage, leading to a non- aligned door.
We can buy anything at any time, but handling them with much care is mandatory.

Best Microwave Oven Service in Chennai

Save Home Services offers the following
• Well-experienced Technicians.
• 30 Days warranty after service
• Best price in the market.
• Low and Competitive Inspection charge
On booking Microwave Oven service with Save Home Services, you get assured quality service all time with us, and our specialty is providing support even after service.

Why does Save Home Services rank as Best Microwave Oven Service in Chennai?

Save Home Services Service gives the best-experienced microwave professionals. Our microwave oven service costs are better than others in the market, and also we provide 30 days guarantee.

The Lowest price for the inspection and provide wondering work. If you are booking a service with us, then the hassle-free service is sure with after-service support. Our customer support team assists you with brilliant suggestions.

We have a microwave oven technician hire them today.

Microwave Oven Brands we work with

• LG
• Samsung
• Bajaj
• LG and all others brands.

Common Issues with Microwave Oven

- Microwave oven not switched on
- Not warming the food or no heat at all
- Keyboard / touch pad / buttons not working
- No Power Supply
- Plates not spinning
- Fuse trips when switched on

Terms and Conditions

• Avail 30 Days warranty for service
• Best price guaranteed
• If you are availing the service, then the Inspection charge is free
• Service charge includes= labor charges + spare parts (or) consumable charges (or) both.

Pays and charges

• For customers paying Online Mode: No additional charges will get collected up to Rupees 2000/-, in case the customer pays more than Rupees 2000 in online, then they should pay 2% + GST additionally charged with the Payment gateway fee.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Do we provide a warranty for your services?
Yes, we have a warranty for 30 days
2. Do you have a customer care helpline?
Yes, we feel free and connect us. Helpline - Reach us 9941743946.
Stay Safe, Stay Connect!

Hiring Microwave Oven Service expert in Chennai

Share your needs, and we will take care of the rest on this website. Our advisors evaluate your needs
and approach the consultants who best match your needs. Get calls, SMS updates from the nearest best repair experts. Check user reviews and ratings for more insight into what the expert is too expecting.

Service your Appliance at the Right place:

Save Home Services - Many small Problems may be caused, but have a solution with you. It will be easy to rectify and identify the causes.

Do people confuse which is the right place and its trusted one? Queries will be raised until we find the right one - Save Home Services in Chennai

The Right Place to Solve Your Problem.

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Save Home Services

The expert service technicians are experienced in all kinds of Appliance Brands and recent models.
Smart work with good masterpiece plus with good care - Save Home Services.

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